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What if elections weren’t, as they all too often are, about getting more for the greedy few?

What if we could find, support, and elect candidates from our own communities to advance real solutions, together, to the greatest problems we face?

What if we could elect working people for everything?

In our current political climate, this may sound like a pipe dream – but it’s not. It’s what People’s Action member groups have been building towards for nearly a decade. And in many parts of the country, our approach is starting to bear fruit: we’ve successfully advanced progressive policies and candidates at state and local levels, as well as in the U.S. Congress. And we’re just getting started.

This is what we call Movement Politics, and it’s coming to your state and community very soon!

Nearly fifty Movement Politics organizers from all across the country – from groups in states with well-established electoral programs, as well as from states just getting started in electoral politics, came to Philadelphia to develop a shared strategy at our first-ever Movement Politics Training for Trainers retreat this June.

They all dug in to share what they’ve learned and the best practices for finding, developing and supporting progressive leaders as they run for office.

 “What we’re talking about is how we want to shift the landscape, and that work doesn’t stop on Election Day,” says Juanita Lewis from Community Voices Heard in New York, who chairs our C4 political board. “The real work begins the day after. And that’s where the fun is – that’s where you get to see the transformation.”

Read on to hear more from Juanita and these inspiring leaders, including Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Krajewski, who got his own start at a People’s Action training in 2018, and now helps lead the charge for progressives in the Keystone State.

There’s more – inspiring candidates supported by member groups, and in many cases, our members themselves – are running for office in places like New Jersey, Nevada and Illinois. Read on to discover their stories!

For evidence that the Organizing Revival is alive and well, look no further than eastern Kentucky, where VOCAL-KY hosted a statewide Organizing Revival in early June. They gathered hundreds of their own members and key allies to help shape a path towards an end to incarceration, the overdose crisis and the War on Drugs in all of Kentucky’s 120 counties, and all across the country.

 “We fight for systemic change rooted in justice, compassion, and love,” VOCAL says in their mission statement.

We couldn’t agree more.

Read on!

In solidarity,

Amanda Weaver
People’s Action

Lead Story

People’s Action Hosts First-Ever Movement Politics Training for Trainers

Nearly fifty movement politics organizers came together just outside of Philadelphia to chart a shared path towards what we call Movement Politics – identifying, developing and supporting real community leaders to run for public office and advance real policy solutions to the problems we face. It may sound like a dream, but we’re gaining ground all across the country! Read more

Organizing Stories

New Jersey: NJOP Endorses Andy Kim for U.S. Senate

New Jersey Organizing Project members overwhelmingly voted to endorse U.S. Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) in his bid to become his state’s Junior Senator, in recognition of his longstanding support for NJOP’s priorities and the survivors of Hurricanes Sandy and Ida. Read more

San Francisco: VOCAL-NY and People’s Action Rural Cohort at AI Hackathon

Can Artificial Intelligence be a force for good? That’s what VOCAL-NY and the People’s Action Rural Cohort set out to explore with volunteer AI experts at the Cooperative Impact Labs’ AI 4 Organizing Hackathon in San Francisco on May 31. Read more

Kentucky: VOCAL-KY Host Statewide Organizing Revival Summit

Hundreds of Kentuckians joined VOCAL-KY in Winchester for a three-day Organizing Revival to ground themselves in the most effective powerbuilding strategies to end the drug war, homelessness and racialized discrimination in all of Kentucky’s 120 counties and all across the country. Read more

Washington State: Firelands Workers United Launches Timber Country Organizing School and Canvass

Firelands Workers United, which organizes in English and Spanish in western Washington State, has launched its inaugural “Timber Country Organizing School for Working-Class Power” to build their membership base and defend policy wins. Read more

Nevada: PLANistas Jovan Jackson, Tameka Henry Win Primaries

What happens when you organize with Nevada’s “Strongest Progressive Organization” on your side, and you run for office with your community on a platform of shared values? As PLANistas Jovan Jackson and Tameka Henry just showed us, you WIN! Read more

Illinois: ONE People’s Campaign Endorses DeBerry in First-Ever School Board Race

Longtime ONE Northside member and education organizer Ebony DeBerry, who has been a fierce champion for public school students throughout her career, is now running for Chicago School Board in District 2. ONE People’s Campaign members turned out to get her the signatures she needed to get on the ballot! Read more

Recent Media

WATCH: We Don’t Leave Any Power on the Table!

Want to learn more about Movement Poltiics at People’s Action? Check out this video with many of hte participants and trainers from our recent Training for Trainers event, inicluding People’s Action Movement Politics Director Marta Popadiak, C4 Board Chair Juanita Lewis and Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Krajewski.

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