How can we build a multiracial and pluralistic democracy with an inclusive economy to defeat the rise of authoritarianism?

This question is front and center for People’s Action Institute and our allies. In a new White Paper, The Antidote to Authoritarianism, we take this crisis by the horns.

Through in-depth conversations with 27 of the most experienced and thoughtful leaders who build power among the multiracial poor and working class – current and former directors of national networks for social change, academics, philanthropists and on-the-ground organizers engaged in the defense of civil society – we explore current challenges and chart the path towards a shared solution.


People’s Action Institute’s Organizing Revival is our call to strengthen and extend the best practices of power-based community organizing across the movement for social justice in the United States.  

People’s Action celebrates the elections of Judge Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Brandon Johnson as mayor of Chicago. People’s Action members and our affiliates, Citizen Action of Wisconsin, The People’s Lobby and One People’s Campaign, made tens of thousands of phone calls and knocked on doors to support their campaigns and held in-depth conversations about the importance of voting to defend democracy and fundamental rights, with a new vision for public safety rooted in communities with good jobs, a sustainable economy, and a government that works for all of us. Grassroots organizing powered these victories. Congratulations!

Are you a health care provider? It is now much easier to prescribe lifesaving treatments like buprenorphine for opioid use disorder. Click here to learn more about how to prescribe these treatments.

The Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act was signed into law by President Biden on December 29, 2022. This is a huge victory for the thousands of People’s Action Overdose Crisis Cohort member leaders who organized their neighbors, made phone calls and hosted meetings over the past two years. The MAT Act will increase access to proven treatments for people with opioid use disorder, and bring us closer to ending the drug war and a world where not one life is lost to overdose.  

“When voters and candidates take organizing seriously, we win. And when we put forward a hopeful, bold vision, we can defend our freedoms. People are ready: The time is ripe to organize.”

Read this special message from People’s Action Executive Director Sulma Arias and Movement Politics Deputy Director Marta Popadiak. 

People’s Action congratulates the newly elected local, county, state and federal #PplsSlate officials who won public office in the 2022 election.

People’s Action and our member groups knocked on 1 million doors and made 2 million calls to voters in this election cycle.

The People’s Slate is part of a People’s Action strategy to build people power and elect movement champions who will cogovern with our working-class members.

These newly elected officials join the hundreds of People’s Action-endorsed candidates who are already serving in office at every level of government. 


Learn More About Deep Canvassing

People’s Action’s deep canvassing program is featured in the new book by Anand Giridharadas, The Persuaders, as one of the most critical interventions that the pro-democracy movement can make. You can start right now!


Tell Candidates and Officials Not to Take Corporate Money!

Big financial, fossil fuel and healthcare corporations spend millions to buy off elected officials and candidates. 

Do you want your representatives to work for you, not for big money? 

Tell them to sign the People’s Pledge RIGHT NOW!

People’s Action builds the power of poor and working people in urban, rural, and suburban areas to win change through issue fights and elections. We are a national network of 38 state and local grassroots power-building organizations in 28 states–united in the work of building a bigger “we.”

Peoples Action and special guests lay out our plan to win progressive power and build a bigger we in 2022!

We’ll hear  from our network leaders on the ground in Wisconsin, New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, as well as from Wisc. Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna, Ill. State Rep. Delia Ramirez, Brittany Ramos DeBarros, and our very own executive director Sulma Arias!

Pass the MAT Act NOW

The Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act or MAT Act would help to remove the barriers that prevent health care practitioners from being able to prescribe buprenorphine to treat opioid use disorder.

The White House Must Ensure Tenant's Rights

The Biden administration, following the leadership of people who have been impacted by decades of failed or lacking housing policy, must take swift action to enshrine federal protections for tenants.

People's Action Welcomes Sulma Arias, New Executive Director

People’s Action and People’s Action Institute welcome Sulma Arias as our new executive director. Sulma is a national leader in the fight for immigrant and worker justice. Welcome, Sulma!

People's Action, Deep Canvassing Featured in The Washington Post

"Maxmin didn't just talk to voters; she sought to understand them. People's Action calls this approach 'deep canvassing,' and found that it helped decrease Trump's margins where implemented in key battleground states."