We are fighting to take back control of our health care from corporations and CEOs. Under Improved Medicare for All, health care will be provided to all people at zero cost to patients. Patients will choose the locations and care providers that fit their needs, rather than being forced to choose from a narrow list of "in-network" providers determined by a giant corporation. We will end the epidemic of rural hospital closures. We will invest in preventative medicine and in harm reduction and substance use disorder recovery.

At the same time, we must directly counter the racialized villainization of public health programs like Medicaid, block all attempts to repeal and weaken the Affordable Care Act, and challenge narratives that say any person is undeserving of care. We must realize American Indians' sovereign treaty right to health care.

We must expose and end the monopolization of pharmaceutical development, manufacturing,and distribution by private industry. Many essential medicines were created with public funding and support. We will no longer allow big pharma to unfairly profit off patents while patients die.

We must make the pharmaceutical industry's abusive price-gouging practices illegal. We must pass legislation that allows the federal government to negotiate lower prescription drugcosts with manufacturers. We need to change policies so that the federal government can manufacture generic prescription drugs or import them from other countries when domestic pharmaceutical corporations fail to set fair prices.

Prescription drug manufacturers must be held accountable and criminally liable for creating the overdose and opioid crisis.

We must create drug treatment and mental health systems that meet the need and scale of the overdose crisis. We must legalize evidence-based harm reduction policies, like sanctioned safe injection sites and overdose prevention techniques.


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Aija Nemer-Aanerud
Health Care for All Campaign Director

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