Deep Canvassing 101: The Proven Method to Change Hearts and Minds Do you want to have compassionate, non-judgmental conversations across lines of difference? We can show you how in this free training, which includes certification upon completion of all three sessions.

People's Action

Board of Directors

Our board is a diverse mix of leaders empowering communities. Their expertise drives our mission for a brighter, equitable future.
photo of Juanita Lewis

Juanita Lewis

photo of Rosemary Rivera

Rosemary Rivera

photo of Reginald Brown

Reginald Brown

photo of Dreama Caldwell

Dreama Caldwell

photo of Adrienne Evans

Adrienne Evans

photo of Elianne Farhat

Elianne Farhat

photo of James Haslam

James Haslam

photo of Laura Martin

Laura Martin

photo of Larry Stafford

Larry Stafford

photo of Pamela Twiss

Pamela Twiss

Sulma Arias