A 100% Just Energy Economy must be based on renewable energy – but it must go far beyond simply replacing fossil fuels. In order to be 100% Just it must include several other key elements: truly renewable fuels, an end to sacrifice zones, good green jobs targeted to the communities that have survived decades of disinvestment and for the communities that now depend on extraction and democratizing the grid. We have an opportunity – and an obligation – to transform our energy economy to not just meet the challenges of climate change but also transform our economy overall to put people and planet before profits.

We must immediately ban all new fossil fuel and extractive energy projects. We must end all taxpayer subsidies for oil and gas companies and use this funding to pay reparations to frontline communities. We need to invest in public and community ownership of renewable energy. We must decarbonize and democratize all sectors of the economy (transportation, manufacturing, agriculture). We demand that all future or to-be-modified trade agreements reinforce the 100% Just plan’s environmental, social and job creation targets and support/expand this for all people. These must not put corporate profits over community control or Tribal sovereignty.

Black, Brown, Native and poor people are treated as disposable and disproportionately burdened with and sacrificed to filthy extractive industry, toxic industry, contaminated water, soil, and air. Pollution strips impacted communities of wealth and health, by prematurely sickening and killing people, forcing folks to abandon their homes or be poisoned.

We must mandate impacts measured and regulated cumulatively, not one at a time, so the full burden on communities is clear. For polluting facilities like power plants, asphalt plants, incinerators, etc., we must require a real green buffer zone (i.e., trees and green space planted between polluting facility and surrounding communities to offer protection and limit facility expansion). We need voluntary relocation of communities being poisoned by pollution who want to move and we must develop protection for those who want to stay, including new windows, air filtration systems and roofing. We must massively expand Superfund to cover sacrifice zones (including air pollution sites). We must restore “polluter pays” fees to clean up all existing sites and update the toxins recognized. We must require the creation of comprehensive, community-designed evacuation zones end ensure that people living near polluting facilities are fully informed about those routes. Polluters should pay an annual fee to fund ongoing outreach, shelter maintenance etc. We must ensure that residents living near polluting facilities (i.e refineries, incinerators, power plants, factories, mines, concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), fracking wells, pipelines, etc.) are aware they have a Right to Know about pollution release incidents. We must ensure that Sacrifice Zone communities that have suffered disproportionate historic and ongoing dirty energy, carbon pollution see pollution end and investment come first. We must ensure that communities have a say in creating and directing the solutions with methods for public engagement like community boards, participatory budgeting and community ownership.

We must establish a national Good Green Jobs program that would target communities of color, low-income communities, environmental justice communities, fossil fuel communities, returning citizens and other communities that would benefit from green jobs most for integrated jobs training and placement. All jobs created by the transition must be living wage jobs with benefits and the freedom to collectively bargain. We should guarantee every person a job and leverage that new labor force to improve our communities with weatherization, cleaning water and land poisoned by corporate pollution, building renewable energy resources and building community spaces.

Electricity is a public good & a human right, but is currently treated like commodity for corporations. Access to energy is necessary for human dignity and survival so no person should be denied access to energy because of their income, geography or any other factor. We must end all utility shut offs and ensure that the benefits of our energy economy flow to the public, instead of creating enormous profits for the 1%. Utility rates must be affordable and affordability programs must target energy-burdened communities first, including urban centers, rural areas and Tribal nations. We must enforce and expand the FERC’s ruling that rural electric co-ops can declare void long-term contracts that do not serve the interests of their member/owners. We need to invest in public and democratically controlled utilities infrastructure to reorient the economy away from climate genocide and environmental injustice.


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