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What happens when you organize with Nevada’s “Strongest Progressive Organization” on your side, and you run for office with your community on a platform of shared values? You WIN!


Jovan Jackson – a native of Las Vegas’ north side and longtime member of the the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), announced last year at the People’s Action “Coming Home” convention in Washington, D.C., that he intended to run for Nevada’s State Assembly.


After running a grassroots campaign and participating in PLAN-sponsored candidate forums, Jackson just swept through primary elections to represent Nevada’s District 6, winning 84% of the votes!


Jackson ran a mental health services agency in Las Vegas for 11 years, and has worked with with high-risk youth in juvenile diversion courts. Jovan became a PLANista after volunteering in PLAN’s 2018 District Attorney’s Race, and became the first formerly incarcerated Nevadan to get his voting rights back after the 2019 legislative session. 

Tameka Henry, who like Jackson has been endorsed by both PLAN Action and People’s Action, also scored a primary victory in the race for Clark County School Board Trustee. Henry, a longtime Nevadan and caregiver who has testified to Congress on behalf of working-class Nevadans, has been focused on improving the quality of life of Nevadans living in West Las Vegas, the city’s historic Black neighborhood created by segregation and redlining.

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