Organizer Boot Camp: How to Build a Base and Move Into Action This intensive training moves through the core organizing concepts of power, self-interest, and one-to-one relational meetings and teaches you how to make propositions, hold effective meetings and create a powerful team. Materials and sessions are in English and Spanish.

People's Action


Until Trump Condemns Racism and Hate, He is Condoning It

August 13, 2017
WASHINGTON – Racism claimed another life Saturday – that of a 32-year-old woman who was…

People’s Action Statement on President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

June 07, 2017
As President Trump continued today to promote an infrastructure plan that would sell off public…

“Mother of Superfund” Raises Warning on Trump’s Environmental Budget Cuts

May 24, 2017
WASHINGTON – The Trump administration’s cruel and backward budget sets progress on protecting our environment…

Response to Trump Nominating Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice

January 31, 2017
Starring in a prime-time television show as president of the United States, Donald Trump nominated…

Statement on Trump’s Order Shutting the Door on Refugees

January 27, 2017
President Trump’s executive order Friday, calling for “extreme vetting,” suspends refugee admissions to the U.S.,…

More Than a Hundred Protests Planned for First Rise Up and Resist Trump Tuesday

January 23, 2017
Media Advisory Visuals: Stop the #SwampCabinet” actions will feature excellent visuals with creative props and…

Donald Trump’s Cabinet Nominees a Truly Toxic Swamp

December 06, 2016
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE People’s Action is planning and hosting resistance assemblies to counter nominations WASHINGTON…

Health and Human Services Appointee Underscores Trump’s Allegiance to Profits and Corporations Over People

November 30, 2016
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Washington, D.C. – The appointment of Rep. Tom Price, (R-Ga.) for Secretary…

Trump’s Victory is Not the Last Word – We Are Not Defeated

November 09, 2016
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – This statement was issued by People's Action co-directors LeeAnn Hall and…