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Live in Houston? Solar power may be coming to a roof near your (or your own) soon, thanks to a new $249m grant the Workers Defense Project helped win!

The Workers Defense Project celebrated the Environmental Protection Agency’s award of a $249.7 million grant to Harris County, Texas for residential solar installations. The region has been hit by some of the hottest weather in the country in recent weeks, and suffered electric grid failures in 2021.

“This award is a game-changer for the Harris County community because it gives millions of people peace of mind through more affordable power costs while also increasing power reliability,” said Lizeth Chacón, WDF’s executive director. “Our member-workers and allies vow to work alongside Harris County to make the most of this game-changing green energy and jobs grant and ensure that our families and our neighbors never have to suffer through another Winter Storm Uri, constant blackouts or high and unaffordable high energy bills again.”

The Workers Defense Project is a founding member of the Power Up Harris County Coalition, which worked with county commissioners to create the proposat that secured the grant.

“Winning the grant is only the beginning,” says Chacón. “We urge Harris County leaders to ensure that the jobs that power this project are good union jobs that are lasting and that vulnerable communities of color that are often left out of these opportunities have access to these life-changing jobs through recruitment, training, and resources.”

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