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People & Planet First

Most of us want the same things: a good life for ourselves and our children, a better future that we can look forward to, and to be treated fairly.

But right now, corporations are profiting from damaging our climate and dividing people based on race, background, or where we live, harming our communities–and hurting black and brown, and indigenous people the most.

Overdose Crisis

The focus of our program

Public Health over Punishment

Universal access to harm reduction tools like naloxone, syringes, overdose prevention centers, test kits, housing, and more.

End the Racist War on Drugs

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Evidence-based Solutions

Universal access to evidence-based treatment by removing the X-waiver, decriminalizing buprenorphine, and expanding access to contingency management interventions.

End the Overdose Crisis

Legalize harm reduction and fund treatment services and hold pharma accountable for its role in the crisis.
About the Campaign

What can you do to help save the planet?

We aim to localize, enact, and implement a jobs-and-justice forward Green New Deal that decarbonizes the nation by at least 50% by 2030.

To accomplish these goals, we are building a base: starting with a diverse leadership team of the most impacted community members, then connecting local infrastructure fights to the narrative power of the Green New Deal and national recovery efforts. And, we are shifting the winds, pushing for cross-government climate solutions and utilizing deep federal investments for local governance.

We’re all in this together. By coming together like we’ve done in the past to win better wages, civil rights, and other victories, we can build a future where everyone has a chance to thrive, not just the wealthy few.

That’s why we launched the People & Planet First campaign –now it’s your turn: get involved today.

Updates from the campaign

The latest updates, press, actions, and events on our People & Planet First campaign.

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