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Illinois Senator Daniel Biss at a campaign fundraiser. Photo: Christopher Dilts

CHICAGO – People’s Action is proud to join our member organization Reclaim Chicago in endorsing Sen. Daniel Biss (D) for governor of Illinois. As a middle-class candidate and father of two children in public schools, Biss has championed progressive issues his entire career and is the only candidate for governor who has real government experience, passing nearly 90 bills during his time in the state legislature.

Biss has pledged to support the People’s Action Protest to Power Platform and promote a bold racial and economic justice agenda. Biss will lead Illinois’s working families into a future with prosperity for all – not just the wealthy few.

“I’m thrilled to receive the endorsement of People’s Action,” said Biss. “This election is a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party, and I’m proud to join this national grassroots organization to take on this challenge. People’s Action sees in Illinois what we see: hundreds of thousands of people frustrated with a system rigged against us, people who are ready to take power back from the wealthy and well-connected.

“We’re feeling the potential for generational change, and together we’re harnessing this energy in communities across our state and in states across the country. When we unite around this ambitious Protest to Power platform for economic, racial, and environmental justice, we can challenge the political establishment at its core and lay the groundwork for a Democratic Party that puts people and planet first,” said Biss.

Scores of volunteers over the next next five weeks will be knocking on doors and having deep conversations with Illinois voters about the issues and values that matter most to families – issues such as universal health care, free college tuition and making the rich pay their fair share for the public goods that communities deserve.

“As a part of People’s Action, we know we have to actively take a stand against the billionaire class that’s trying to buy our democracy. For us, that stand means more than just endorsing Daniel Biss, but doing the work to make sure he wins the March 20 primary in Illinois,” said Amanda Weaver, executive director of Reclaim Chicago.

“When I talk to Biss, I see a candidate for governor who gets my struggles and the struggles of the people of Illinois,” said Weaver. “I see a dad who is concerned about our schools, the cost of groceries, and the kind of future we are creating for the next generation. I truly believe the voters of Illinois will choose him as our next governor.”

Biss shares the “people and planet before profit” worldview with People’s Action.

“Biss stood with us in Washington D.C. last spring when we unveiled our Protest to Power platform, and now People’s Action is proud to stand with him and endorse Biss for the next governor of Illinois,” said Mehrdad Azemun, campaigns director for People’s Action. “Daniel Biss has the strongest chance of any Democrat to win the general election and defeat the billionaire class that’s backed Gov. Bruce Rauner’s profit before people agenda.”

People’s Action is also endorsing progressive governor candidates Ben Jealous (Maryland) Cathy Glasson (Iowa), David Garcia (Arizona) and Chris Giunchigliani (Nevada).

A People’s Action endorsement means hundreds of volunteers and members hitting the streets, knocking on doors and talking with voters about the issues and the values of the People’s Action candidates. Last month, volunteers spoke with potential voters in 25 cities. The next organized door-knocking event on February 24, will be even bigger and continue to grow through the November elections.

“We need governors and state legislators with bold and inspiring ideas commensurate to the triple crisis of rising racial and economic inequality, global warming and pollution that disproportionately impacts people of color and the poor, and a degrading democracy,” said Ryan Greenwood, People’s Action director of Movement Politics and Power-Building.

“In the coming months People’s Action will endorse and work to elect candidates who understand that the point of elected office is to work with movement people’s organizations to make our government and economy work for families that are juggling multiple jobs struggling to get by – not to advance their political career by catering to the one percent. With a corporate and white supremacist controlled White House for three more years, these candidates are our best chance to pass reforms that make people’s lives better,” said Greenwood.

Daniel Biss is a progressive state senator and public school parent with a history of standing up for middle-class and working families. Motivated by the war in Iraq, Biss left his job teaching math to become a community organizer – where he saw firsthand the power of people joining together and creating change.

Since then, Biss has proven a progressive leader, fighting to fund our schools, legalize cannabis, expand access to health care, and create progressive revenue solutions. Biss and his wife, Karin, live in Evanston with their children, Theodore and Elliot.

Reclaim Chicago is a people powered, member led organization committed to moving a progressive legislative and issue agenda that puts power back in the hands of our communities. We do this by endorsing, electing and holding accountable elected officials who put the health of people and planet before corporate profits and political gains.

People’s Action has 48 member organizations in 30 states and more than a million people. Our state and community organizations are led by working class people supporting economic, climate, racial and gender justice.

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