Introduction to Deep Canvassing: The Proven Method to Change Hearts and Minds Are you an organizer, community leader, or just someone looking to engage with your community around deeply polarizing issues? Learn how to have compassionate, non-judgmental conversations across lines of difference with this powerful technique.

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About the program

Running for office, working on a campaign?

People’s Action’s Campaign Leadership School is where you can learn the skills you need to craft movement-oriented campaigns that win.

The purpose of the Campaign Leadership School (CLS) is to give aspiring candidates, staffers, organizers and member leaders the tools they need to craft movement oriented winning electoral campaigns that build the base of our member organizations. This training will challenge participants on conventional approaches to campaigning and Power, ground them in our theory of change and historical framework and build their campaigning and base building skills.

We’re all in this together. By coming together like we’ve done in the past to win better wages, civil rights, and other victories, we can build a future where everyone has a chance to thrive, not just the wealthy few.

That’s why we launched the People & Planet First campaign –now it’s your turn: get involved today.

Frequently asked questions

  • What can I expect to learn?
    1. All skill building is grounded in our organizing methodology; we understand that we must build people power to win governing power, and that means organizing people around their self interest
    2. Participants will learn hard campaign skills – what goes into a campaign plan and 101s on narrative/messaging, fundraising and budget, field
    3. Participants will learn how to have deep persuasion and recruitment conversations, how to build a ladder of engagement
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