Behind the Curtain

Right now, corporations and the ultrarich are spending millions to derail President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. They want to keep the trillion-dollar tax cuts Trump gave them so they can reap obscene profits year after year at our expense.

In our new report, Behind The Curtain: The Corporate Plot to Upend Democracy, People's Action and Dēmos team up to reveal this power grab, and uncover how corporate America wants to make inequity a permanent part of American life.

We zero in on who is spending big to stop the Biden plan in key sectors: taxes, drug pricing, healthcare, housing, the environment, and immigration. We name the corporate bad actors, and show how their efforts undermine our democracy as well as our economy.

We explain what the Build Back Better agenda proposes, and what current polls tell us the people want.

At the same time, all across the country, People's Action members are taking this message to the doorsteps of corporations to tell them we’ve had enough.

In this Build Back Battle, the people will win!