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Join NPAC for the 2nd Annual Festival of Joyous Rebellion!

Published on September 3, 2014 by in Featured

Festival of Joyous Rebellion  NPAC proudly presents

“The Festival of Joyous Rebellion.”

The Festival will be a celebration of arts, music, and food  festival around civic engagement in our community.

National People’s Action Campaign is raising funds to elect everyday people with true progressive values to political office. We are mixing serious progressive politics with humor, art, music and fun.

The Festival of Joyous Rebellion will bring together a fantastic slate of performers and guests to have some serious fun and raise money for NPA Campaign’s work to create a new pole in American politics that puts people and planet first.

General Admission tickets are $25 and for $100 you can attend a pre-event VIP reception with political comedian Jim Hightower.

Don’t wait, buy your tickets today!

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Protect Our Democracy!

Published on February 5, 2014 by in Featured

To the Supreme Court:

Since his law took effect 13 months ago, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has created a restricted list of voters whose right to vote in state elections has been suspended because they don’t have a passport or birth certificate. US Supreme Court: Protect Our Democracy by putting a stop to Kobach’s restrictions on voting!

Thank you.

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People First Iowa

“Corporations are not people!” That was the message at the “People First Iowa” lobby day hosted by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement on January 14. Over 200 members from across the state braved the freezing rain to descend on the Statehouse in Des Moines on the second day of the legislative session – the day Governor Terry Branstad delivers his annual State of the State Address.

CCI came out swinging just before the big day, releasing an alarming analysis of Iowa’s long-term budget outlook that shows an initial $88.8 million shortfall in Fiscal Year 2015 that will have to be covered by dipping into Iowa’s surplus fund in order to pay for the start-up costs of corporate property tax cuts Branstad is proposing – set at $135.9 million in FY15 but scheduled to grow to $277 million next year, eventually peaking out at an unsustainable $380 million per year.

In response to the Branstad budget, CCI is demanding that the legislature raise new revenue from the very wealthy and big corporations in order to fully fund the vital public services that everyday people and hardworking families depend on. Their “People First Iowa” initiative includes:

  • Raising the minimum wage – more personal income means a larger tax base, and more money in workers’ back pockets means more demand, which creates more spending;
  • Combined corporate reporting – to close a loophole in Iowa tax code that allows out-of-state corporations like WalMart and McDonalds to avoid paying income taxes on sales generated in Iowa;
  • Ending the Research and Development Tax Credit, which gives out-of-state corporations like John Deere and Rockwell Collins a tax credit so large that they end up receiving a rebate check from state government rather than actually paying any taxes themselves;
  • Closing three tax loopholes that factory farm polluters get on their manure pits, animal feed, and electricity.
  • Passing a Corporate Tax Transparency Act that would require publicly traded companies doing business in Iowa to publicly post the state taxes they pay, or don’t pay, so that everyone knows.

Each year of his administration, Governor Branstad has pushed an agenda of corporate welfare for his wealthy donors. In Iowa, that means big factory farms get lax regulations, cushy political appointments and tax breaks while preschools close, mental health services get shut down and wages stagnate. It’s a situation where polluters rule, and people suffer.

But each year, from the first day of the legislative session, Iowa CCI has been there to push back against this one percent agenda with policies that would raise revenue for everyday people by making corporations pay their fair share.

Throughout the day, CCI members met with their legislators, lined the hallways as Governor Branstad walked to deliver his speech, rallied in and outside the Statehouse, and demanded at each turn that their elected officials work for them, not corporations. Legislative powerbrokers – including Iowa Senate President Pam Jochum, House Minority Leader Mark Smith, and Senator and Democratic Candidate for Governor Jack Hatch – all affirmed that they supported the CCI agenda and would fight for their issues.

It was a powerful day of victory for members of Iowa CCI, who come from all walks of life, but are united behind a vision that puts people before corporations. But the fight is just beginning, and this legislative session they are ready to go on offense. Winning a real people first agenda is going to take hard work, perseverance, and energy, and Iowa CCI has the right combination of all three.

The lobby day in Iowa is just the start of a season of powerful legislative actions across the country. Next week, the Illinois People’s Lobby will gather to celebrate Martin Luther King by demanding that their elected officials support a people first agenda. Later this month, Kansas People’s Action will do the same, followed by our affiliates in Minnesota, New York, Colorado, Maine, Michigan and across the country.

Follow the action online here, and on twitter by keeping up with #ppl1st

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Hundreds of Kansans Gather to Kick of Legislative Session: Promote Economic Security & Human Dignity for All Kansans

250 Kansans rallied at the State House Rotunda in Topeka to kick off the new legislative session and call on Gov. Sam Brownback, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and the Kansas legislature to enact policies that build an economy, democracy, and state that works for everyone in Kansas.

Sulma Arias:

“Imagine if Kansas was a place that grew prosperity for all its people. Imagine if our state government worked to ensure that every family and every city and small town was thriving. Governor Brownback has led us far away from that hope. He is turning our state into a corporate tax haven, a Cayman Islands of the Midwest where CEOs and the ultra rich are responsible to nobody and where life gets harder and harder for hard-working families. We demand that the Governor change course now.”

Kansas People’s Action (KPA)—part of the National People’s Action network—is fighting to create jobs, expand voting rights and participation, expand Medicaid, fully fund schools, and make corporation pay their fair share of taxes. With nearly 20,000 Kansas voters on a dysfunctional suspended voters list, 16,000 fewer jobs in Kansas than there were when Gov. Brownback took office, and the Governor’s executive decision not to expand Medicaid (which puts the lives of hundreds of Kansans at risk), KPA will work to urge Gov. Brownback, Secretary of State Kobach, and legislators to institute policies that reflect the best interests of the people.

Rev. Reuben Eckels:

“We fought and died so that we could actually exercise our right to vote. But now those rights are being trampled on again by new restrictions and justifications for making voting harder. Kobach’s restrictions don’t affect the ultra-rich. They are barriers set up against every-day people, especially those who look like me. We are asking Kobach to stop promoting voter restrictions and begin increasing voter participation and democracy.”

Similar campaigns are being run across the country at the city or state level in places like Maine, Minnesota, New York, Colorado, Iowa and New Mexico, where advocates are building momentum in a movement for economic justice and fairness to help restore working Americans who are still recovering from the economic crisis.  These diverse coalitions are moving city and municipal legislation and running statewide campaigns to end tax breaks that favor the wealthy and corporations to stabilize local economies and invest in communities.

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