Volunteer Code of Conduct

Our Shared Agreements

See something. Experience something. Say something. We are only as safe as we make it. People’s Action has a zero tolerance policy for harassment. 

Start from the belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect.

Practice radical empathy for your colleagues; assume that everyone is doing their best. 

Practice good self-care: Take time for any activity that cares for your mental, emotional and physical health. 

Practice radical hospitality with other staff, volunteers and voters. It’s a rough world right now - do your best to make someone else’s day brighter. 

Respect the individual and one another. Don’t speculate or discuss issues of a personal nature in group settings. 

We do not retaliate against employees or volunteers when they exercise their rights. 

We do not disparage, judge or discriminate based on any protected class - race, sex, age, physical and mental disabilities, veteran status, national origin, citizenship, religion, color or any other status protected by law.  Stay focused on the mission and uphold the values of People’s Action. 

Acknowledge your own biases and how they might influence you. Biases can influence our decisions, thoughts, and behaviors without us even noticing, until we make a conscious effort to do so.  If you are unsure as to whether or not bias is leading in/on your decision making or thoughts/comments regarding others, please save yourself the drama and have 1 or 2 other people join your review process, decision, etc. 

Act with integrity: Be a person of your word and do what you say you’ll do. Recognize it with others. 

Foster an open work environment where everyone feels comfortable raising questions and concerns. 

Seek help in resolving issues, do not work or make decisions in a silo.

Do not use profanity, insulting or condescending language, or trade barbs with other volunteers or voters.

People’s Action and People’s Action Power are not responsible for the language used by our volunteers.

What happens if you violate the code of conduct?

The relevant People’s Action staff member will have full discretion as to the severity of the offense. Offenses will be categorized into two buckets: severe and nonsevere.

If the offense is considered to be “non-severe,” your ability to participate in volunteer activities will be temporarily suspended until you have a conversation with a member of People’s Action staff. Suspension may entail losing Spoke or Thrutalk privileges, being removed from events, amongst other things. They will slack Message or email you to set up this conversation. If, after the conversation, the relevant People’s Action staff member feels comfortable lifting the suspension on your volunteer activity, you will be permitted to return. 

If the offense is considered egregious enough to be considered “severe,” you will be permanently suspended from the ability to engage as a People’s Action volunteer. In these instances, you will be removed from the Slack workspace, loose Spoke/Thrutalk access, and emailed a notification of your removal. If you are interested, you may request a restorative justice conversation with a People’s Action staff member. 

If you have an issue with the determination of the People’s Action staff member, please contact [email protected].