Episode 4: Refusing to be Washed Away - New Jersey


How do we cope with the storm after the storm? During this episode of To See Each Other, George talks to members of the New Jersey Organizing Project, who have been building solidarity among Jersey Shore residents since Hurricane Sandy. Co-founder Amanda Devecka-Rinear is joined by Sandy survivors Jody Stewart, a native of Little Egg and NJOP organizer; Alison Arne, an NJOP organizer; and Chuck Griffin, a victim of contractor fraud who has found solidarity through NJOP.

Coming from across the political spectrum, NJOP’s membership doesn’t always agree on climate change. But from the wreckage, they have found collective purpose and are remaking their community together. 

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Amanda Devecka-Rinear

An organizer who started the New Jersey Organizing Project in 2015. Amanda Devecka-Rinear is a long-time organizer. Before founding NJOP, she was Campaign Director at National People’s Action, which merged with several other organizations to become People’s Action. She was a founding board member of FIERCE and the recipient of a Union Square Award in 2003 for work around criminal justice in NYC. She was part of city-wide student organizing to successfully preserve in-state tuition, and thus access to public higher education for Immigrant New Yorkers. In 2005 as a lead organizer at NPA affiliate, the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition, she led an effort that brought 25 million dollars to construct new schools in one of NYC's most overcrowded school districts.

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Chuck Griffin

A retired nurse, is a long-time resident of Little Egg Harbor. A Sandy survivor who engaged in a two-year long legal battle over contractor fraud, Chuck knows his story is just one among thousands.

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Jody Stewart

Jody Stewart

Jody is a Little Egg Harbor native who grew up in the bait and tackle industry. A high-school graduate who made the transition to organizing full-time in her 60s, she now works full time at NJOP.

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Alison Arne

Alison organizes with NJOP, where she has been working full time since 2018.


Talking with Amanda Devecka-Rinear of NJOP

"The more people who tell their stories, or learn they’re not the only ones struggling, the more we can do. I'm worried now with COVID. With Sandy, the disaster was bad, but the storm after the storm was worse."

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