People’s Action has launched an ‘Organizing Revival’ with a vision of engaging hundreds of thousands of people in our movement. A deep investment in the fundamentals of organizing is the cornerstone of this revival.

Check this page to find the training opportunity that is right for you and your organization.

Fundamentals of Organizing

Our ‘Fundamentals of Organizing’ training is a two-part training that is held quarterly and  has an emphasis on building relationships grounded in mutual self-interest that balances an expansive sense of how a multiracial democracy should operate and a long-term vision for the world with the realities of building power in the world as it is today. 



‘Fundamentals of Organizing’ has a focus on power, self-interest, one-to-one relational meetings; and the foundation of power organizations.


Open to leaders and staff of People’s Action member organizations, partners, and movement allies.

WHEN: November 15 & December 6, 2023

WHERE: Virtual

CONTACT: Christian Parra [email protected]

Deep Canvass Institute Information Session

Are you an organizer, community leader, or activist looking to engage with your community around deeply polarizing issues? Are you an individual hoping to understand how to have compassionate, non-judgmental conversations across lines of difference? Or, are you someone who’s heard about this thing called “deep canvassing” and you’re curious to learn more? This information session will cover the core components of deep canvassing and help you decide if our two-day, six-hour “Deep Canvass 101 Skills Training” is for you. 



Orientation, overview of skills



Organizers, journalists, funders, anyone looking to learn about the deep canvass methodology

WHEN: Bimonthly 

UPCOMING DATES: June, August, October

WHERE: Virtual


CONTACT: Eboni Taggart [email protected]


Deep Canvass Institute
Skills Series

Learn and practice how to deep canvass including; script structure, storytelling, compassionate curiosity and assertiveness.


Canvassing, hard skills


Open to anyone interested in deep canvassing, but especially valuable for members and staff of organizations who are running or starting deep canvass programs.

WHEN: Bi-monthly

UPCOMING DATES: click the registration link for the most current dates

CONTACT: Eboni Taggart, [email protected]

Weeklong Leadership Training

For experienced organizers who are ready to take their leadership to another level. People’s Action Weeklong uses an agitational training methodology combined with introspective political education. We call people into thinking deeply about themselves, their community and their vision, and we push people to make commitments about how they need to show up to make that vision a reality. The outcome is deeper commitment to building power.

WHEN:  April 14 – April 20, 2024


CONTACT: Nigel Tann: [email protected]  

Training for Trainers

Trainers are the heartbeat of the Training Program. Training for Trainers (T4T) is where we identify and develop Trainers. T4T uses a mix of Plenary Sessions, Demo Sessions and Practice in Small Groups. Because of the coaching-intensive nature of this event, we can accommodate a limited number of participants. We are looking for folks who can make a serious commitment to their capacity as a trainer to develop and enhance local training programs at your organizations.

WHEN:  February 5 – February 8, 2024

WHERE:  Athens, Ohio

CONTACT: Nigel Tann: [email protected]

Base Building & Campaigns Boot Camp

Base Building & Campaigns Boot Camp is a training series focused on helping organizers build powerful base of leaders and move them into action and the goal for all participants of the Boot Camp to be equipped to double their leadership base.  The Boot Camp consists of two training sessions every week and includes homework to build a stronger base and tactics for organizing. This Boot Camp will consist of building your team and finding new leaders in your community to put into action. This is an exciting opportunity for organizers to build their organizations towards a path to power and an opportunity to build a stronger base that wants to win going into 2024 and beyond.


The Base Building & Campaigns Boot Camp focuses on the fundamentals of organizing and integrating base building into powerful issue-based and electoral work building towards a co-governance model.  The training moves through the core concepts of power, self-interest, one-to-one relational meetings and the foundation of power organizations and builds into propositions, effective meetings and creating a powerful team.  It then builds towards the mechanics of how to cut an issue and develop strategic campaigns grounded in effective power analysis.

WHO:  New organizers and organizers seeking to strengthen their skills

WHEN: Tuesday, September 5 – Thursday, November 30, 2023


WHERE: Virtual with in-person gathering for graduates

CONTACT: Christian Parra: [email protected]

Upcoming Dates

People’s Action is adding new training opportunities all year and all around the country, so check this page frequently to find the opportunity that is right for you, or contact us to see if we can help host a training for your organization

FUNDAMENTALS OF ORGANIZING:  November 15 & December 6, 2023

TRAINING FOR TRAINERS:  February 5 – February 8, 2024

WEEKLONG LEADERSHIP TRAINING:  April 14 – April 20, 2024


CONTACT: Nigel Tann: [email protected]