Text Voters from Home


We’re so happy you’re here! Follow these quick steps to get started and texting. If you’re having trouble, please ask for help in Slack or email Vishal at [email protected] or Jodi at [email protected].

2 Ways to Join the Texting Effort

  1. Join a Texting Tuesday or Texting Friday: Ready to take action with hundreds of others at the same time? Join us at our Texting Tuesday or Texting Friday event from 6-8:30 p.m. Eastern/5-7:30 Central/4-6:30 Mountain/ 3-5:30 Pacific every week. There will be an introduction, grounding, training, live DJ/musician for 90 minutes, and a debrief! Register at this link.
  2. Text on your own time: Ready to take action on your own time? We text from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. in the time-zone that we’re texting into! To get plugged into the texting efforts, follow the instructions below to get situated.

4 Quick Steps to Get Started Texting on Your Own Time or for Texting Tuesday/Friday

  1. Join the People’s Action Network Slack.
    1. Click HERE to create an account at the People’s Action Network Slack. You can download the Slack app on your phone, use the computer application, or log in right on your web browser. 
    2. Once you’re in, make sure to go to the #texting channel to get texting updates and ask questions!
    3. Introduce yourself in #welcome-start-here. Where are you from? What brought you here? Add a profile pic! 
    4. If you’re new to Slack and/or need help making an account, watch our how-to video
  2. Get set up to text and learn Spoke, our texting platform! 
    1. Click on this link (try this link if that doesn’t work) *It will log you into Spoke using your People’s Action Network Slack account, so make sure you do this in the browser that you just joined Slack on!
    2. View the training slides
    3. Although Spoke can be used on any device with a web browser, we recommend you use a desktop or laptop with the Chrome web browser for the best results.
  3. Choose a campaign.
    1. Click on this link to find live campaigns to text for! This will take you to a list of campaigns + info you need, and a texting guide!
    2. Choose which campaign you want to text for then request texts. *If you have not received your request in 5 minutes, please tag the @backendbunch (the group that approves assignment request) in the #texting channel and state which campaign you requested from.
  4. Get help: If you have questions while texting:
    1. Check the texting Guide/FAQ!
    2. Here’s a list of other FAQs we have. Use Ctrl/Cmd F to more easily navigate the FAQs!
    3. If you couldn't find your answer in any of the above FAQs, post in the #texting channel, and a Text Mod will help troubleshoot! Please tell us which campaign you are working on to help us to understand your question.

Ready to Take on More Leadership?

  • Become a super-texter or join one of our impact teams: Ready to commit to 1 hour/week to join the Texting Team? AMAZING. Join the Texting Team as a Super Texter or join one of our impact team(s) by signing up here.
  • Host your own textbank: Ready to organize your community by hosting a text bank? Love it! Email Vishal and Jodi to help set you up with your own text bank!  


Running into issues logging into Spoke or Slack? Here are some common issues and fixes.

Issue 1

Are you seeing an error that says “You are not part of any organization,” after you login into Spoke? No worries!

TO FIX: all you have to do is open a new tab, and try clicking this Spoke link again: https://ppls.ac/spokepresdc

issue 1

Issue 2

After creating your Slack account and you try logging into Spoke, are you seeing an error that says “Something went wrong when authorizing this app”? This means that Spoke is trying to authorize your login via another Slack workspace of yours.

TO FIX: all you have to do is when you’re on the screen where you’re getting that error, change the URL so that you’re a part of the peoplesactionnetwork.slack.com (this is our workspace URL!).  So INSTEAD OF “https://peoplesparity-eci9416.slack.com/oauth?....” (this is an example of another workspace, what is before the “slack.com” will be different depending on your Slack history), you should ensure it reads: “https://peoplesactionnetwork.slack.com/oauth?.....” (leave the rest of the URL intact.) Then, hit enter, and it should advance you in the login process.

issue 2
Issue 2a

Issue 3

Now that you’re logged into Spoke and Slack, are you receiving an error that says “Graph QL Error: Cannot read property 'request_status' of undefined.” when you click the shortlink? This means you have received the wrong texting link!

TO FIX: Try going to https://ppls.ac/spokepresdc and/or request that whoever gave you the texting link send you the proper short link for the campaign! 

issue 3

Issue 4

Are you seeing an error that says “You are not authorized to install Spoke Rewind on People’s Action Network” when you try to join Spoke? No worries! This means that somehow you are registered in Slack as a single channel member and not a full channel member. 

TO FIX: Tag @vishal in the #texting channel! He will change your settings to “full channel member.” Once this is fixed, you can create your Spoke account!