Meet The People's Slate - Our 2022 Wins

People’s Action congratulates the People’s Slate candidates all across the country who are newly elected to public office.

The People’s Slate is part of a People’s Action strategy to build people power and elect movement champions who will co-govern with our working-class members.

Each of these candidate was endorsed by one or more organizations that are part of People’s Action’s national network of 38 affiliate groups in 28 states. They are just a taste of the more than 300 races, up and down the ballot, where People’s Action threw down to support people’s champions.

“People’s Slate electeds come from the multiracial working class, and will fight for our members, not greedy elites,” says Marta Popadiak, People’s Action’s Interim Deputy Director of Movement Politics. 

These newly elected officials join the hundreds of People’s Action-endorsed candidates who are already serving in office at every level of government. 

These candidates ran movement-politics, people-powered campaigns and will work to advance the People’s Platform once in office. 

All across the country, People’s Action members and candidates are reaching out across race, place and background to build a bigger ‘we,’ with our Long-Term Agenda in mind.


People’s Action, together with our member groups in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina and more, knocked on 1 million doors and made 2 million phone calls to voters in the 2022 cycle.

U.S. Senate & House of Representatives

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota    U.S. House District 5

Peter Welch, Vermont     U.S. Senate

Brittany Pettersen, Colorado U.S. Senate


Anna Reitano,

Los Angeles County

Superior Court Judge


Jennifer Bacon, Colorado    

State House, District 7

Leslie Summey, Arapahoe

County Commissioner

Michael Westerberg, 

Arapahoe County Treasurer

PK Kaiser, Arapahoe County


Jessica Campbell-Swanson,

Arapahoe County

Commissioner, District 2

Robert Rodriguez,

State Senate, District 32

Javier Mabrey,

State House, District 1

Jennifer Parenti,

State House, District 19

Said Sharbini,

State House, District 31

Jenny Willford,

State House, District 34

Mike Weissman, 

State House, District 36

Iman Jodeh,

State House, District 41

Nequetta Ricks,

State House, District 40


Josh Shapiro,


Rick Krajewski,

State House District 188

Ismali Smith-Wade-El,

State House District 49


Elizabeth Fiedler,

State House District 184


Roni Green,

State House District 190

Tarik Khan,

State House District 194

Ben Waxman,

State House District 182

Patty Kim,

State House District 103

Justin Fleming,

State House District 105

Chris Rabb,

State House District 200

Manny Guzman,

State House District 127

Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz,

State House District 129


Kimberly Graham,

Polk County Attorney

Jon Green,

Johnson County Supervisor

V. Fixmer-Oraiz,

Johnson County Supervisor


Sarah Trone Garriott,

State Senate, District 14


Anthony Joel Quezada,

Cook County Commissioner

Mike Simmons,

State Senate, District 7

Robert Peters,

State Senate, District 13


Rachel Ventura,

State Senate, District 43


Linda Cavazos,

School Board of Trustees

District G

Cecilia Gonzalez,

Assembly District 16

New York

Gustavo Rivera,

State Senate, District 33

Jennifer Mecozzi,

Buffalo Board of Education


Mana Abdi, 

State House, District 95


Mary Moriarty,

Hennepin County Attorney

Mai Chong Xiong, 

Ramsey County Commission

North Carolina

Sam Treadway, Cabarrus 

County School Board

Polly Jones,

Ashe County School Board

Dianne Eldreth, 

Ashe County School Board

Beth Sorrell, Ashe County 

Board of Commissioners

Juanita Boger-Allen, Cabarrus

County District Judge

Darren Jackson, Cabarrus

County District Judge

Sabrina Berry, Cabarrus

County Comission

Lynn Shue, Cabarrus 

County Commission

Pam Escobar, Cabarrus

County School Board

Victor Dove, Craven 

County Commission

Loren Wilson, Craven

County Commission

Robert Fountain, 

Granville County Sheriff

Mary Willis Bode,

State Senate

Diamond Staton-Williams, 

State House

Ray Jeffers, State House


Dulce Gutierrez,

Yakima County Commission

District 2


Darrin Madison, 

State Assembly, District 10

Ryan Clancy, 

State Assembly, District 19

Francesca Hong,

State Assembly, District 76

Mark Chambers,

Milwaukee District 2

Common Council

Jonathan Brostoff, 

Milwaukee District 3

Common Council