We have just begun rise up

We Rise Up Against the Trump Agenda

People’s Action affiliates around the country have pledged to stage public events every Tuesday in resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda and to strengthen our movement for a people-and-planet agenda that serves the needs of all people, not just the wealthy and powerful.

These local events and actions will build toward the “Rise Up” People’s Action Founding Convention in Washington D.C., on April 23-25, 2017.  That's when our grassroots organizers and progressive allies will take the fight to the power corridors and streets of the nation’s capital. Go to the "Rise Up" conference page to learn more.

Check this page regularly for updates on the movement to “rise up” to reclaim our democracy.


April 8-23 – Resistance Recess II: Building On Victory To Stop The Trump Agenda

During the last Congressional recess, we sent a strong message: Hands off our health care! People’s Action organized dozens of town hall meetings and protests, and they helped thwart President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s first attempt to undermine health care.

We now move again to stop Trump's agenda once more. He and his supporters in Congress are planning to tear families apart, destroy our health care, poison our planet, and line the pockets of corporate giants. Find a place to take action during "Resistance Recess" and demand your member of Congress resist Trump's agenda.

March 13 – GOP: Don't Take Away Our Health Care

Republicans are moving to railroad through the House of Representatives a bill that would literally take health care away for millions of people while giving massive tax breaks to the rich and to big insurance and drug corporations. But, with our lives on the line, we are putting our bodies in the way. March 13 and that entire week is devoted to telling the House to reject the House Republican plan to take a wrecking ball to our health care. Check this page for a health care action near you.

February 19 – “Resistance Recess” Week of Action

The week of February 19, members of Congress are in their home states and districts, and we are confronting them with our demands to save our health care, our communities and our democracy.

People’s Action affiliates are among the dozens of organizations and individuals scheduling actions at elected officials' events, town halls and other public events. We are insisting that our elected officials meet with their constituents in harm’s way because of President Trump’s policies. If they refuse to meet with us, we are making it clear to those who represent us, as well as to the media, that tolerance of Trump's hurtful agenda is unacceptable and politically toxic.

Go to the Resistance Recess page to find an event near you. Use this general guide for an effective Resistance Recess event, and use this health care bird-dogging manual in your fight to protect our health care.

February 14 – "Let's Make A Date" Valentine’s Day Rallies

trump-valentine (PA) (1)

We’ve seen the Trump administration give handouts to Wall Street at the expense of consumers, rush forward the Dakota Access Pipeline to benefit Big Oil, push through more dangerous Cabinet picks and continue their assault on health care. Meanwhile, many members of Congress haven't yet scheduled town hall meetings with constituents for the February congressional recess (Feb. 18-26). So our affiliates organized visits to senators and representatives' local offices with a clear demand: "Let's Make a Date! Host a Town Hall!"

Actions by People’s Action affiliates included this one by Virginia Organizing in Abingdon, Va., to call on Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., an opponent of the Affordable Care Act, to support “health care for all.”

Resist Trump West Virginia

An estimated 1,000 people mobilized by West Virginia Citizen Action Group formed a "human chain” near the State Capitol in Charleston, W. Va., in opposition to the Trump administration's seven-nation Muslim ban.

February 7 – Defending Refugees, Muslims, Health Care

People’s Action organizations across the country hit the streets, filled congressional offices and, yes, donned chicken suits in the growing wave of resistance actions against President Trump. and his cruel agenda.

Affiliate organizations showed up strong against Trump’s refugee and Muslim ban, and the rollback of the Affordable Care Act. In Yakima, Washington, for example, OneAmerica and allies turned out more than 200 people to a city council meeting to support a Welcoming Resolution in response to Trump’s executive orders on immigration. Illinois People's Action organized 150 people in a march to Rep. Rodney Davis’s office to “put him on notice” that he should reject the Trump agenda and embrace a People and Planet First agenda. In Detroit, 70 constituents held a chicken-themed protest in front of Rep. David Trott’s office after he “chickened out” requests to meet with constituents to discuss his opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

For more February 7 #ResistTrumpTuesday actions read this report.


January 31: Oppose the Immigration Ban and #StandForSanctuary

On Tuesday, January 31, we gathered at city halls and mayor's offices to demand that our cities and towns protect immigrants by declaring themselves "sanctuary cities" and by refusing to comply with Trump's executive orders that hurt our families and communities.

We also continued our rallies to stop Trump's "swamp cabinet." With votes scheduled this week on key members of Trump's cabinet of billionaires and extremist ideologues – Rex Tillerson for State, Steve Mnuchin for Treasury,  Jeff Sessions at Justice and Betsy DeVos at Education, it is critical that masses of people show up at rallies to make sure senators know that there is a loud majority that opposes the greed, bigotry and callousness that these nominees represent.

To learn what January 31 rallies were near you, enter your zip code here.

January 24: “Stop Trump's #SwampCabinet” Rallies at Senate District Offices

On Tuesday, January 24, members of People’s Action, MoveOn.org and the Working Families Party joined allies across the country to rally Democratic and Republican senators with a clear message: "Stop the #SwampCabinet."

These rallies, part of the growing #ResistTrumpTuesdays movement, told our senators and the media why President Trump's cabinet is not what America wants or needs. Democrats and Republicans alike heard from us before this parade of greed and hate is confirmed to a Cabinet that will attack working people, civil liberties, and the environment, while benefiting fellow billionaires and corporations.

To learn where a “Stop Trump’s #SwampCabinet” rally took place near you, enter your zip code here.

January 15: “Stand Up, Fight Back” Against A Fascist, Racist and Misogynistic Corporate Agenda

In our first stand of 2017 against the new Trump administration’s backward and harmful policies, People’s Action Institute affiliates organized actions and grassroots activist meetings in communities all over the country on Sunday, January 15 to show the right-wing that we will not accept their corporate-backed, corporate-focused agenda.

There were 38 meetings and actions on or near January 15, including in Maine, New Hampshire, Washington, Connecticut, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Los Angeles, New York, and New Jersey. The events in Michigan and Vermont each drew more than 1,000 people.

January 15 Iowa IMG_0379

More than 100 attend a Resist Trump rally at the Federal Building in Downtown Des Moines organized by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.

The People's Lobby, Southside Chicago

The People's Lobby on January 15 organizes a Trump resistance meeting at a church in the Southside of Chicago.