Training for Directors, Senior Managers and Fundraisers

With Ashley Pinedo-Carlso, Coach and Trainer, The Management Center & George Goehl, Co-Director, People’s Action Institute

You and your team are building organizations that are grounded in strategic practice and moving toward governing power in their cities and states. This is a lot of change to manage, both internally and externally. Running highly effective and well-funded organizations is what this training is about. You will get a crash course in top tier management skills like delegation, goal setting, hiring rockstars, giving feedback, and more. The management training will be two days long with the third day a high-level fundraising training by our very own George Goehl. Learn what it takes to build a strategic fundraising plan, identify opportunities, land commitments, and structure a strong fundraising operation.

Management Center Training in New York City
September 25-28 (final dates TBD. The training will be 3 days long)

Cost and finalized dates for this event to be determined and will include lodging and food. People’s Action Institute will cover the training fees and trainer costs, along with materials (training modules that people can use at home as well as books and other written materials).

Look for a registration link at the People’s Action website in April.

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