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The Next Move: Building the future we want in the ultimate moment for reorganizing

George Goehl digs in with some of the nation’s best organizers to answer a simple – and sometimes complicated – question: What is organizing? Getting the answer right matters, especially right now. So George talks with eight master organizers about their path, defining moments in their development, and what we most need to teach and practice as organizers.

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The Next Move

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Season 2
Season 1
Throughout Season 2 of The Next Move, George talks with trailblazers about applying the craft of organizing to build the future we want.

These organizers are defining the vanguard of the field - innovators who are taking organizing fundamentals into uncharted territory. Each episode connects to one of eight key principles of organizing, exploring the history of the craft and how it lives and breathes in the work being done on the ground today.

This work - making the links between today's most innovative organizers with the fundamentals that inspire them - is part of an Organizing Revival he feels is essential to the future of our movement.

Episode 1: Get It Together with Alicia Garza

Progressives have been making major inroads over the past decade, but as we face the fight of our lives -- and for our lives -- how do we find the courage to lead? Alicia Garza, founder of the Black Futures Lab and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, points the way toward wielding power strategically by looking into differences and weaving alliances that upend expected patterns.
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Episode 2: Help People Grow with Stephen Roberson

What will it take to depolarize our politics? At the heart of organizing is investing in deep relationships -- ones that help people develop their own power and potential. No one can describe what that takes like Stephen Roberson, Director of Organizing at Community Voices Heard. During this episode, he and George talk about the curiosity and compassion it takes to dismantle division at the most meaningful level: person to person.
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Episode 3: We Will Win with Jess Morales Rocketto

Huge rallies and worldwide platforms can be transformational, not only for the causes we believe in but for participants themselves. But how do we get there? For Jess Morales Rocketto, it starts with the fundamentals of community organizing: knowing organizing is about power, listening to people describe the material conditions of their lives, embracing that everyone has a role to play, and building a path so more people can get involved. Most of all, it’s about believing that we will win.
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Episode 4: Building Power with Doran Schrantz

Power: Who has it? How do you get it? How do you use it to move institutions? And what does it have to do with building politics? Doran Schrantz how building relationships is key to power-building. From supporting neighbors as they move from victimhood to agency to building teams and identifying alignment with powerful players within institutions, building power starts with knowing ourselves -- and being able to grow and learn as we keep building relationships with the people we organize.
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Episode 5: Asking Why with Caroline Murray

Change can be exhilarating, but it can also be hard. In this episode, Caroline Murray talks with George about asking the difficult, vulnerable questions so that we can relate meaningfully to those with whom we organize. Speaking from decades of experience - as a leader in the New Economy movement and former Executive Director of the Alliance to Develop Power - Caroline describes why “why” is the key to being brave together.
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Episode 6: Fight for Every Block with Gerald Taylor

What’s the difference between single-issue organizing and building power for the long term? Gerald digs in to some of the tensions that emerge when you fight for wins in the here and now, while you build institutions that teach and prepare people for democracy.
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Episode 7: Making the Impossible Possible with Miya Yoshitani

Miya Yoshitani has been organizing for 25 years, winning tangible change within the world as it is, while having an eye toward winning the world as it should be.
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Episode 1: Making Meaning with Maurice Mitchell

The pandemic has merged with this incredible moment of uprising, which is opening the opportunity to win real structural change for Black lives now. There’s nowhere to hide from a conversation about racism in America, and our collective agitation is a really good thing. Maurice Mitchell shares more about this opportunity for mass education, the multi-racial coalition against white supremacy, the fight against cynicism, and the winning math of adding rather than subtracting.
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Episode 2: The Care Economy, Employment and a Living Wage with Ai-jen Poo

Overnight essential work has become part of the global lexicon. Ai-jen Poo, founder and Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, talks to George about forging a new common sense out of this vocabulary--and the opportunity we have to re-examine how we think about work and what work we value. 
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Episode 3: A Homes Guarantee with Tara Raghuveer

Rent is due and sheltering in place becomes infinitely more difficult if you can’t make rent. In this episode, George talks about our national housing crisis with Tara Raguvheer, Director of KC Tenants and the Housing Campaign Director for People’s Action–and what our world can look like if we detach profit motives from the provisioning of basic needs, like a place to call to home.  
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Episode 4: Merging Race and Class with Ian Haney Lopez

Dog whistle politics is a long held strategy of American politics. George talks to Ian Haney Lopez about how the rich and powerful use racism as a weapon to sow a divide between race and class. This divide has only been made clearer during the pandemic and the weeks of uprisings around racial justice. But if we name this strategy, perhaps we can merge race and class and build the country we want. A multiracial democracy that works for all of us.
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Episode 5: Government for All of Us with Heather McGhee

What role can our government play in making our lives better? And what role can we play in our government? In this episode, George talks to Heather about building on our gut-level interconnectivity towards a more inclusive future. Heather McGhee digs into the work that needs doing, how we transform our government and do that in a way that creates meaningful, equitable jobs for everyone.
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Episode 6: Building a Coalition with Robert Kraig

Because the pandemic has intensified the unequal, dangerous structure of our healthcare system, we need to establish healthcare as a guaranteed right for everyone. Which means now is the time for bold mandates and the creation of a new common sense that centers on a coalitional government. George talks with Robert Kraig about lessons we’ve learned from the New Deal and the Great Recession, about building a healthier, more equitable future. 
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Episode 7: Make a F*@&ing Play with Marisa Franco

The Latinx community has been hit hard by COVID 19. Marisa Franco talks with George about organizing infrastructure to support progressive leadership in the immigrant rights and broader Latinx and Chicanx community. This brutal moment of recovering, unlearning, and remembering is teaching us that we are only as safe and healthy as the most vulnerable among us -- and that through inclusive collectivity, we can move from respectability politics to strong, multiracial alliances and people power.
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Episode 8: Onward with George Goehl

In our final episode, George expresses his hope that we can organize the most people to create long term, transformative change for America.
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