People's Action Candidate Pledges

People’s Action asks candidates to take a pledge to refuse big donations from corporations that oppose progress on the issues that are important to our members.

We believe in an economy and a society where people of every race, background, and ZIP code are cared for. 

But corporations and the rich people who run them divide us against each other for their own profit, hoarding wealth and power that should be in the hands of everyday people.

To fight back, the People’s Action Movement Politics program works to elect champions at every level of government who will govern for and with the people in our communities, not wealthy campaign contributors, greedy lobbyists, and corporate PACs.

For the 2022 election cycle, four People’s Action campaigns have issued candidate pledges: Homes Guarantee, Health Care For All, People & Planet First and Justice Is Global.

Follow the steps below to sign, or ask your representatives to sign, and become movement candidates today!

To verify your pledge, download and print a copy of the form. 

Take a picture of yourself, or your representative, signing the pledge, post it to social media tagged to @PplsAction and #PeoplesActionPledge, and email a copy to [email protected].

Taking this pledge does not equal endorsement by People’s Action or the associated campaigns.

People’s Action reserves the right to remove a candidate from this if they fail to meet the terms to which they agreed upon taking the pledge, or if their conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the values at the core of the pledge.

If you are interested in becoming an endorsed candidate or want to learn more, contact [email protected].