People of every race, background, and ZIP code deserve safe, vibrant communities–places where we have the things we need to thrive, like clean water, truly affordable and safe homes, safe roads, and good jobs.

That’s why Congress and the president recently enacted the Investment Infrastructure & Jobs Act (IIJA), which made $1.2 trillion in federal funds available for public investment in local communities.

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What is “infrastructure”?

Infrastructure funding improves your local transportation system like roads and public transit, utilities like water and power, and other systems like Internet access. It can also be used to provide good homes and strong water systems–the things our communities and local businesses need to thrive.

The funding for these systems in the IIJA will boost the local economy, while ensuring all communities have environmental protection.

For example:

  • These funds will help millions of families, schools, child care centers, and businesses get clean water by getting rid of lead pipes.
  • The IIJA will expand reliable, fast internet access. Affordable internet has been especially out of reach for low-income Americans and communities of color–but this new funding will help!
  • The new funding will improve your local transportation–including the biggest investment in public transit in American history. These investments will ensure communities get protection from pollution and the impacts of climate change, with a special focus on working class communities and communities of color.
  • IIJA funds will make our power grids more reliable–with a special focus on clean, renewable energy.

These and other big investments will make our communities safer, healthier, and more vibrant places where everyone gets more of what they need to thrive. If you want to help shape how these funds get spent in your community, sign up now.