Public officials who cover up police murders of Black children should not be considered for positions in the Biden administration.

But when Chicago police shot teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times in the back, then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel helped the cops as they tried to cover it up.

His administration’s lawyers tried to stop the release of the police dashboard camera video that showed Laquan being murdered by police when he posed no threat. Emanuel’s administration had to be forced to release the tape by a judge.

While Emanuel was mayor, he fought against real efforts to stop police murders and other brutality targeting Black people. He closed 50 schools in his city, undermining the well-being of students and communities.

While he served in the Clinton Administration, he played a big role in its efforts to escalate mass incarceration, and he was a key player in the attack on public benefits for people in poverty under that administration.

When he served on Obama's team, he opposed comprehensive immigration reform.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said it’s “shameful and concerning” that Emanuel would even be considered for a role in the new administration.

We agree.

Tell President-elect Biden: Rahm Emanuel should not play any role in the next administration.