We need a Medicare Crisis Program!

Over 26 million people have lost their jobs and employer-based health insurance due to the novel coronavirus, and that number keeps increasing. This pandemic is hitting individuals and families hard economically and we can't afford to let people go without healthcare. We need to make sure that those who are now unemployed can get needed healthcare. Taking care of others is how we take care of ourselves.

Contact your House Representative today to demand they support and work hard to pass the Medicare Crisis Program.

The Medicare Crisis Program would cover any person eligible for unemployment insurance, and their household, through Medicare. Testing and treatment for COVID-19 would be covered at no cost to individuals and all non-COVID-related healthcare would be available without premiums and capped at 5% of monthly income.

The Medicare Crisis Program would also expand Medicaid to cover more people and increase federal funding for the program. It would also establish a National Clearinghouse to streamline and oversee purchasing of necessary materials, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure proper distribution throughout the health system based on need.

Individual action and social distancing–while critical–aren’t enough. Only collective, public action can get us through this crisis.