We Are in a Crisis

The word “crisis” is an old word that originally meant, “the turning point in a disease,” when the patient would either recover or fall to the illness.

That’s exactly where we are today because of decades of corporate domination of our politics and a global COVID19 pandemic that pushed our economy off of a cliff.

We can take one of two paths out of this crisis:

  1. We can cling to the false hope of a "return to normal," or
  2. We can seize this moment and fight like hell for what we need.

The corporate forces we faced in 2008 are already mobilizing. Last week’s protests against COVID19 social distancing measures were organized by the same rich elites. There's no time to waste.

People's Action is launching a massive nationwide organizing and political education program. We’re seizing the moment to stop the Amazons and the Bank of Americas of the world from dictating our future. And we need your help to do it.