People's Action 2023 Convention COVID Policy

It’s time for the People’s Action 2023 Convention! We want everyone to enjoy these three days of community, reflection and action together as safely and comfortably as possible.

Masks are optional at this year’s convention, in accordance with public health guidelines. Please respect those who choose to wear one.

All participants are required to test daily and report your results to your COVID Lead

Each Participating Organization has the responsibility to provide tests and check tests daily

If someone in your group does test positive:

    • contact Bettina Marshall, People’s Action’s National Staff COVID Safety Lead, at 708.858.1314.
    • if you test positive, everyone in your group will need to mask
    • the person that tests positive will not be allowed to participate in the rest of the Convention, although they can participate in virtual events. 
    • they will be free to leave, or can stay in the room until their group leaves
    • We will move their roommates into new rooms

To help foster a respectful and inclusive environment, everyone has the right to wear a mask whenever and wherever they wish at the convention.

People’s Action will continue to monitor public health conditions for this convention, and in DC and nationally. Depending on community transmission levels or other risks (e.g., a new variant) in the future, we may change this policy and require masking or other restrictions, as needed.

Enjoy a safe and powerful Convention!