All people should get the health care they need.

People’s Action believes the right to health care is fundamental. A society that puts people first makes health care available to every person as a public good – not as an engine of profit for corporations and the rich.

Here’s how we can put our country on the path toward this vision:

• Open Medicare to everyone.
• Negotiate lower prices with drug corporations.
• Protect and expand Medicaid.
• Fully fund the Indian Health Service and Native Hawaiian health system.
• Support community health centers and public health institutions that people trust.

The right want to put us on a different path, pushing legislation that will make health care more expensive and less accessible to millions, while putting more wealth and power in the hands of insurance and pharmaceutical corporations. Their policies would create a country that is ever more divided and unequal. People's Action is promoting a bold vision in which people are free of worry about their ability to get the care they need.


LeeAnn Hall’s Statement on Reckless Health Care Repeal Effort

LeeAnn Hall, co-director of People’s Action, issued the following statement immediately following Senate Republicans’ vote today to move forward on repealing health care for millions of people. “We’ve held off this cruel and reckless repeal effort for 187 days, and we will continue fighting to stop the repeal from moving forward because this is a […]

Grassroots People Power Protected Health Care for Everyone

Thousands of people throughout the country gave their own time to fight legislation that would gut Medicaid and repeal the Affordable Care Act Washington, D.C. – Months of dedicated and determined work by People’s Action Institute, our allies and 20 of our member groups in key states, helped save health care for 23 million people, and […]

Michigan United: Parents of Special Needs Children Speak Against Proposed Health Care Bill

Repeal of ACA threatens those with pre-existing conditions, those reliant on Medicaid DETROIT​ – ​Michigan Representative Debbie Dingell met with several children born prematurely or with special needs and their parents for a roundtable discussion of how proposed health care reform would affect them. Children with special needs like these are squarely in the crosshairs if […]

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