We’re fighting for a new set of rules for Wall Street.

As our wages stagnate, more and more of us have to borrow to make ends meet. When we borrow, Wall Street is there to profit off our need. But Wall Street is doing more than lining its pockets. It’s also distorting our entire economy. We need a financial system that works for people and communities, not the other way around.

Take predatory payday lending, which traps people in cycles of debt. Our financial struggles are predatory lenders’ profits — and that needs to stop. That’s why we’re fighting for strong rules to rein in the payday lending industry.

We can replace a financial system that extracts from families and communities with one that invests. We’re fighting to keep students from having to mortgage their futures for a college education. Debt-free higher education — including immediate debt relief — must be part of our education promise.

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