Our economy is about more than numbers. It’s about people. We’re fighting for new rules for our economy to ensure we’re cared for when we provide care for each other.

The idea is simple. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing your job when you take time to care for your children, parents, or the other people in your life. You should be able to find childcare you trust and can afford. And, if you’re a professional caregiver, you should be able to count on a living wage for your work — just like we all should. By caring for our elders, you’re caring for entire families, a labor that deserves special respect.

We’re paving the path for a new economy that embraces these values — and that recognizes that an economy that doesn’t work for women doesn’t work for anyone. We’re bringing together mothers, homecare workers, small business owners, and all family members and workers to fight for earned paid sick and family leave, living wages, pay equity, and more.