On November 10, People’s Action joins allies across the country to demand Congress pass a strong Build Back Better Act. We are standing up to corporations who want to buy off lawmakers to derail these popular proposals, which can deliver direct assistance to millions of people in need.

People’s Action and a coalition of grassroots and immigrant justice organizations, including We Are Home, Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), Corazón, The People’s Lobby, POWER-LA, Bay Area Rising and San Francisco Rising, VOCAL-NY and MIchigan United are leading actions at the offices of Goldman Sachs and other corporations to draw attention to their efforts to buy off lawmakers to block passage of key elements of the Build Back Better agenda, including reforms of taxes, financial services, paid family leave and pharmaceutical drug pricing.

“I’m enrolled in Medicare and I have to pay out of pocket for my dental care. Dental comes second when you have to pay for food and nutrition. #BigPharma rigs the game so they always win. That ain’t right!” —Carmen Betances, @SeniorCaucus


The Facts

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema won her seat by promising to make the rich pay their fair share and to lower drug prices. Instead, she’s taking huge amounts of money from Big Pharma and Wall Street, protecting Trump’s tax cuts, and blocking the very pieces of the Build Back Better initiative that would fulfill her campaign promises.

The Facts

While West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin lives on a yacht, drives a Maserati, and blocks crucial poverty- and inequality-reduction pieces of the Build Back Better initiative, almost a third of the children in his state live in families that are either “not getting enough to eat or behind on housing payments.”



Both Manchin and Sinema took money from Big Tobacco in the most recent fundraising quarter.