Message in a Pill Bottle: Mainers Ask Sen. Collins to Reject Health Care Repeal

PORTLAND, ME – On Wednesday, members of the Maine People’s Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership will deliver health care messages stuffed inside empty pill bottles to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) urging her to reject any plan that repeals the Affordable Care Act and cuts Medicaid. The delivery comes as Senate Republicans are reportedly beginning […]

Activists Will Make Sure Senators Home for Recess Understand the Devastation of Trumpcare

The Congressional Budget Office score of the latest version of the Trump-Republican health care repeal plan reconfirms the devastating consequences this callous legislation will have on the elderly, families and children. Trumpcare will leave 23 million people without health coverage within a decade. Health insurance will be prohibitively expensive for people who are ill or […]

March to Springfield – Illinois Activists are Frontline of Trump Budget Resistance

Bloomington-Normal, IL – If you want a preview of America under the Trump tax and budget proposals look no further than Illinois. Like Trump’s tax plan, Illinois lets corporations and the rich off the hook. Far from generating the economic growth the Trump budget predicts, Illinois’ regressive tax structure has left the state broke, resulting […]

“Mother of Superfund” Raises Warning on Trump’s Environmental Budget Cuts

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration’s cruel and backward budget sets progress on protecting our environment back 50 years and endangers the health of people and the planet. The president’s proposed budget cuts $330 million from the Hazardous Substance Superfund – the program that cleans up our most toxic sites – and jeopardizes cleanup efforts. “Without […]

From Protest to Power: People’s Action Pivots to Recruiting, Electing and Governing

WASHINGTON – After helping build a national resistance movement against the Trump administration, People’s Action is taking the next step, harnessing the energy to move from protest to election victories – capturing governing power in the states and nationally. More than a thousand activists will gather in Washington D.C. April 23-25 for “Rise Up: From […]