How can we build a multiracial and pluralistic democracy with an inclusive economy to defeat the rise of authoritarianism?

This question is front and center for People’s Action Institute and our allies. How can we strengthen our democracy, when some feel it fails them, and others want to eliminate it?

In our new White Paper, The Antidote to Authoritarianism, People’s Action Institute takes this crisis by the horns.

Through in-depth conversations with 27 of the most experienced and thoughtful leaders who build power among the multiracial poor and working class – current and former directors of national networks for social change, academics, philanthropists and on-the-ground organizers engaged in the defense of civil society – we explore current challenges and chart the path towards a shared solution.

As experienced organizers dedicated to building power among those long denied it, we know firsthand that transformation comes form the ground up. 

People’s Action Institute’s Organizing Revival is our call to strengthen and extend the best practices of power-based community organizing across the movement for social justice in the United States.  

In this White Paper, we identify these best practices and explore the implications these have for community organizing and philanthropy.