George Goehl
LeeAnn Hall


Administration and Operations

Josie Mooney
Organizing Director

Bree Carlson
Deputy Director

Eric Mills
Chief Financial Officer

Dondy Marie Moreland
Development Director

Andrea Frye
Operations Director

James Mumm
Research and Development Director

Program and Campaign Directors

Climate Justice
Jordan Estevao

Mass Incarceration/Prosecutor Accountability
Daniel Espinosa Krehbiel

Movement Politics and Power-Building
Ryan Greenwood

Family Economic Security
Sarah Warner

Strategic Initiatives
Adam Kruggel

Mass Organizing
Mehrdad Azemun

Affiliate Power-Building
Jill Reese

Affiliated National Organizations

Native Organizers Alliance
Judith Le Blanc

Main Street Alliance
Amanda Ballantyne

Center for Health and Environmental Justice Leadership Training Academy
Lois Gibbs

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