George Goehl, Director

People's Action and People's Action Institute

George GoehlGeorge Goehl will step down as director People's Action and People's Action Institute later this year.

Click here to read a personal message from George, and here for a letter from our boards, about this transition.

Thank you, George, for all you have done for People's Action!

At the age of 21, George Goehl walked into a soup kitchen to eat. Over time, he became an employee – first washing dishes and eventually helping run the place. Three years into his time there, he was struck by seeing the same people in line for food as when he first arrived. It was in this moment that his focus shifted to the root causes of poverty, and George began to organize.  

In the wake of the financial crisis, George and National People’s Action mobilized more people into the streets to demand accountability than any other organization, helping win Dodd-Frank Financial Reform,  create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and secure mortgage relief for hundreds of thousands of families. 

Today, George is the director of People’s Action, one of the largest multiracial poor and working class people’s organizations in the country.  He is credited with moving the field of community organizing to new levels, increasing emphasis on shaping worldview, building independent political power, and focusing on long-term vision and strategy.  

George is also leading one of the largest progressive rural organizing efforts in the United States. Under his leadership, People’s Action just completed 10,000 conversations with everyday people in rural communities across the country.   

George is a leader in transforming the field of community organizing to increase relevance to emerging social movements, building electoral power in states, and winning structural change that shifts the balance of power to working class families.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, CNN, MSNBC and others have covered George’s organizing work. He has written for The Guardian and The Nation.

Originally from southern Indiana, he is a husband, father, banjo player, and makes documentaries about country music. 

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